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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

☆ Snow [illustration friday]

I love snow. Love. It.

But my town isn't high enough to have snow in the winter. The cold winter + blisteringly cold winds, but no snow.

And although there is snow fields in Australia, they are at least 5 hours away. And every winter, Bean begs us to go to the snow so she can make snow angels. One day soon, I hope we can do this with her.

So I am very envious, of you Northern Hemisphere dwellers, who either have snow now, or will soon.

And I know it can be tedious, and dangerous, but maybe you can take a minute to enjoy it for me!!

This is my 'SNOW' painting for Illustration Friday.

I would love to know your favourite snow stories or memories please, make me forget that it is 30 plus degrees celsius outside!

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  1. marvelous work Kirstin. I wish you a very happy Christmas and all health, happiness and love in the new year. Specially of cours creativity too.. I see you again in the new year.
    lovely greet and hug

  2. Beautiful painting!

    I love to see the snow... not that we get that much over here (generally!) in the UK.

    It makes everything so pretty.


  3. Lovely snow angel you've created with paint! We are supposed to get about 6 inches of snow today although it is still just raining now. I'll try to enjoy it as I think of you!!

  4. Beautiful work. All we have in the UK is rain and floods! Happy Xmas. X


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