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Monday, December 3, 2012

☆ AEDM - Monthly Round Up

So for the last time this year, here is my AEDM round up - but this time it is for the whole month. If you were participating in this years AEDM how are you feeling now three days past. 

After a huge rest over the weekend, and a bit of maintenance on my life, (washing that's been neglected, a studio that looks like a bomb hit it, a husband who I should at least spend some time with!!), I am happy to dive into December + Christmas, and then of course New Years + our Wee Beasties arrival. 

It's only when I did this collage that I realised that I managed to paint a huge collection of work, despite taking it easier this year. It surprised me!

But I am so happy + proud of my achievements this month, I loved joining in + I loved the challenge of it.

If you want to see any of the paintings in more detail, the links can be found here.


This week is no less busy - personally I have two dance recitals to help out with, family visiting, a house that looks like a hurricane has hit it, and a hospital bag that is desperately needed to be packed.

But besides that there is heaps going on here this week +  I wanted to give you a heads up for whats in store for Listening to the Squeak + LilliBean Designs this week.

Later today, I am hoping to send out emails to every one who signed up for this years Christmas Tag swap, so if you are joining me, please keep an eye out for that.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 4th) is this months give away + as it's the last one for 2012, it's another two-for. 

Want to treat some one to one of my paintings, calendars, or buy some Christmas card + tags to give to loved ones? You can click here to see more, or come back on Thursday when I highlight some of my favourites.

And lastly - this months newletter will be sent out over this weekend. And I will be offering a huge discount but only to subscribers of The LilliBean Designs News. (Which you can sign up for here) LilliBean Designs Store will be closing over the new year period, and re-opening late January, (all going well with beastie), with all new stock. So now is the time to snap you your favourite painting.

I hope you had a great weekend, and I would love to know if you were on the AEDM journey, or participating in your own journey, what you did over the weekend. Did you relax, or was it business as usual? 

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  1. It´s awesome to be able to see them all together!
    I had chosen scrapbooking and I kept doing that albeit to a much slower pace, without the "obligation" to post every day.


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