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Monday, December 10, 2012

☆ Waiting... [a life in progress]

Do you think much of December is spent waiting?

More so than any other year I feel I am waiting... waiting for others, waiting for things, waiting for dates to pass..

So what am I waiting for?

  I am waiting for floating shelves to arrive, nooks to be finished + an art work to be completed, to finish off our bedroom...
 I am waiting for our balcony to be free of all the crap needed to build our wall, so I can enjoy the balcony in the mornings again...
We were waiting, for a total of six hours over the weekend - for two, three minute performances. (but well worth it to see the awesome dancing of Bug + Bean)...
I have another three to five weeks of waiting for our wee beasties appearance. (My fingers are crossed for a close to due date as possible arrival - I have a life planned after the 5th of Jan!!)...
These two are anxiously waiting for two weeks to go by, to see what santa will bring them...
And this painting was waiting for some serious inspiration to strike....
but is now waiting for some serious time in the studio so I can paint the image in my head...

So are you waiting for something at the moment? I would love to hear your stories.

Have you entered this months give away? There is only 24 hours left until the last give away of 2012 is over + done.


  1. Very exciting Kirstin, I hope for you that everything goed allright and you can welcome the two. And I see that a hope work must be done for the sleepingroom. Succers with it. And I wonder gof your new work.
    Lovely greet
    Marja x

    1. Thanks Marja - my painting is coming along - and I am cautiously optimistic (It is such a big piece I am very nervous about it!!) But I hope to show you all soon x

  2. Lovely art and good luck with the impending new wee beasties. It is true, seems like in my life I do a lot of hurrying up and waiting. Time to slow down and enjoy the wait :) new fan here from SITS!


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