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Monday, December 17, 2012

☆ What Makes Up Your Perfect Day?

What makes up your perfect day? Have you ever thought about it? What little changes could you make each day to change your day from good to great?

I have just had another huge + amazing weekend. With the countdown to Christmas, trying to fit every thing + every one in, is normally hard, but with beastie I am struggling with constant tiredness, and a baby who decides that the best time to be active + playful is just as I go to bed.

But like I mentioned on Friday, I was going to spend the entire weekend sewing projects that I should have started in July, and for the most part I did.

Usually these sewing projects are hugely disappointing for me, because I huge aspirations, and a very, very limited skill set, which frustrates me to no end.

So far,  I still have bits to do, but I am happy with how these projects are turning out. (like I said - so far!)
My girls are obsessed with bat girl. So this is a going to be a black ruffle tutu, with matching batgirl t-shirts (yet to be made!), so they can dress up as bat-girl. (I will show you the final product once I have finished it, but I am hoping they will be totally cool!)

For ages, I have wanted to make a small carry case for the girls to take with them on trips, to the cafe, to  nan's house, where ever, that would hold their pencils, a sketch pad, scissors, glue, erasers what ever, and this is the design that I went for.

Because my girls are lefties, I have put the sketch pad upside down so that drawing should be easier.

The dark material has made it difficult to see, but there is extra pockets in the front,  and a carry handle. Once I have made Bugs one (which is a lighter material) I should be able to show you the details.

If I made them again, I would add some stiffening, or hard plastic to give them more stability, but for the purpose that I am intending them for, they are totally fine.

I also had arranged a catch up brunch organised with the girls from my mothers group. I was so looking forward to this, we were all going to be child free, but when I walked into the cafe it was a surprise baby shower for me!!
Me walking in, totally surprised!
My totally awesome friends - I love these guys!
It was such an awesome morning. Great friends, good food, lots of laughter + gossip. A perfect Sunday morning! (An I was oblivious!)

And look at the awesome card my friend Liza made for me! She is only just discovering her creative spirit, but how amazing is this! I totally love it.

Looking back over my weekend, I have such an amazing gladness in my heart, and it occurs to me that I was able to combine many of the things that I know make up my perfect day - family, friends, creative projects, coffee, enough sleep, my husbands pizza, some exercise, hugs + laughter.

So I wondered if you have ever thought about what makes up your perfect day? What 5 things could you do every day to change your day from good to great? You will be surprise by how simple some things can be +  I would love to hear you thoughts. 

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  1. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time at your surprise shower.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Hmmm...five things? I would have to say a long morning of coffee and conversation with my husband, a walk in the woods, time spent journaling, a visit with a friend, and snuggling on the couch with my family AND all three dogs in the evening. That would just about be the perfect day.

  3. Janice that sounds like an amazingly perfect day! Thanks for sharing x


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