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Monday, April 14, 2014

☆ The Tree of Life + Connections [Lifebook 2014]

Week 11 - Tree of Life Bonus Lesson with Tam and Gracie

This week was all about celebrating our life connections. Connections with people, things, books. All the positive connections that we have.

And it turns out that I have a lot of positive connections.

Not only with my family, friends + acquaintances, but also with the things I surround myself with, music, books, art, the environment etc.

So this is my tree of life, and the stars are a representation of my positive connections.

Have you had a think about your positive life connections? I bet you will have more than you think.

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Do you know of any one who might enjoy one of my paintings? Please feel free to share the code with them.

Have a great week.
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  1. Hi Kristin!! What a beautiful post, and a beautiful painting! I think about the positives in my life daily. It really makes a difference from dwelling on lack to realizing the positive! Have a great week! Hugs, Rasz


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