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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

☆ Asking for Help + gaining Perspective [Life Lessons from Bean]

My children have these amazingly huge creative hearts + I love that so much. 


The flip side of these huge hearts, are very, very sensitive souls, spirits that can be crushed by the smallest comment, by the most insignificant of actions.

So I am very careful with my words when talking about their art works.

I ask them to 'Tell me" about the picture they've drawn rather than look at that amazing mermaid, only to find out that the drawing is a girl on a unicorn... Awkward!

The other day, Bean surprised me with this drawing.

She told me she loved my 'Princess + the Pea Painting' so much (it hangs on the wall in our living room) that she wanted to draw it too.

(She has already learnt that very important first lesson of 'Steal like an Artist')

So she did + it was amazing.

She took my painting + made it her own, her own colours, her own girl, her own crazy hair.

So the next part of this story is that she decided that she wanted to draw the painting again, but with the Princess laying down.

She drew this amazing girl, but struggled with the feet + asked for help, so I did, and off she went to colour.

Two minutes later she's back, in huge floods of tears, telling me she coloured in wrong, and messy + her feet look stupid. 

So I showed her she could fix it, how she could change it to her wearing shoes instead, but she didn't want to see that it could be different.

I told her, to put the drawing away + we'd look at it in the morning.

The next day she picked up the drawing + said "You know Mama, those feet aren't bad at all...'

Bloody Hell.

Those tears + that tantrum, that five minutes of hell...

But, the best thing about my awesome huge hearted girls, is the way that their life lessons are so connected with my life lessons.

I was struggling with my Tea-Cup Pirate last week. 

So just like Bean I asked for help (thanks guys for helping by the way!) + I walked away from it to gain some perspective.

And just like Bean, when I started painting again the next day, I had gained perspective + loved where the painting was going.

(You'll just have to pop in again on Friday to see the final painting!)

So is there some where in your life where you could ask for some help? Or do you need to set a project, a conundrum or a painting, aside so that you can gain a little perspective? As always, feel free to share your stories with us below.

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  1. Bean!! Your princess is beautiful - you are talented like your mama!


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