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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

☆ Round Here [May]

The year doesn't slow down any does it? I wondered if after the rush of January + school starting if it wouldn't settle down some + I would find time to sit + breathe...


Not at all.

We've been so busy, sometimes I don't even know with what - but I can tell you I am so looking forward to this weekend. It is a long one + we have NOTHING on.

But lately we've.....

Eaten ice cream's in the unseasonably warm May weather...

Made cool pink girls (I love this one!) 
Made + ate Unicorn Farts (google it - trust me they are so cool!!)

Had a Unicorn birthday (happy birthday to my big 4 year old!)

Drew Pirates + wrote stories + shared them with friends...

Rocked the Bus Stop Fashions (She does the 80's better than I did + I lived through them!!)

Played with + have become addicted to resin!

More glamorous bus stop fashions...

Went to the very first Harvest Markets, which despite the rain, were totally fun!
So that is what we were up to Round Here, what did you do this month? Would love to hear what you've been up to!

By the way - did you know I am having a HUGE give away? Open until midnight tonight, there is still time to pop over here to enter. (Did I mention huge PRIZES? A $30 gift voucher, new set of postcards + gift tags are up for grabs!)

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  1. Hi Kirstin! What a great post, looking back at all you have done. I think I need to do this so I can stop thinking I haven't done anything this year, lol! BTW, everything looks, family and art! Good luck with giveaway I got here a little late to get in on it! Hugs, Rasz


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