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Monday, June 9, 2014

☆ Honouring your Inner World [Lifebook 2014]

 Week 20 - Honouring Your Inner World with Serena Bridgeman

This weeks lesson was from the amazingly talented Serena Bridgeman, some one who's work I have greatly admired since I first met her on one of Tams earlier courses.

So I was very excited to do a lesson taught by Serena.

And using spray inks + stencils, I created this peaceful girl...

I love the way the spray inks gave the initial tone to the girls face, and after adding a few extra blue tones, I actually loved creating the girls face with a pallet that I wouldn't have necessarily chose myself.

Instead of choosing a lotus blossom to symbolise inner peace I chose a butterfly, their gracefulness, their beauty, their peaceful nature for my symbol of peace.

I really loved this process, and the lovely peaceful girl which I created.

I hope you have a wonderfully peaceful week!

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  1. She's really beautiful! So serene. I love the whole piece!


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