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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

☆ LilliBean Designs Spotlight [JUNE]


Ok so I have been so busy this last three months, that while I have heaps of new products available, I haven't had a chance to update LilliBean Designs Store!

So this week, I finally had the time, (+ the inclination!) to do some very needed updates!!

☆ ☆ 

I have new POSTCARDS!! There are twenty cards available, with favourite art from over the last three years.
I currently have them available in lots of five, ten + the entire collection (twenty cards).
I use them to send a letter the old fashioned way, as a gift cards and they have plenty of space on the back for a personal message. 

They also look amazing when displayed in frames and an affordable way to collect + decorate with art.
"Wonderful art!!! Thank you :)"

☆ ☆ 

If you were watching my instagram feed in May you may have seen me playing with these beauties + having so much fun in creating Art that you can wear when your out + about!

But what I love about these earrings, is the special meaning they have when you where them. I have 'resisted' keeping them all for myself, but I do have a pair of 'Abundance' stud earrings (top left) to remind me to invite ABUNDANCE in my life + I have a pair of 'WORTHY' dangly earrings (bottom left) to remind me I am so worthy!

So these aren't available in the Etsy store as yet, (I will get there!), they will be soon, with the studs $12 and dangly earrings for $15.

If you simple can't wait, email me with the earring you want! [descriptions below]

'ABUNDANCE' (top left); Butterfly studs (top middle); Butterfly Yellow Dangle (top right)
Green Butterfly Wings (middle left); Mermaid (middle right)
'WORTHY' (bottom left); Stars (middle bottom); Princess (bottom right)
"I adore having a little of your art on me"
☆ ☆ 

These gorgeous gift tags have become one of my very best sellers at the markets! The size of a business card, they have enough space on the back to write a little note of love, thanks, or giving!
I have them in the the store as a set of six for $4.80 (+ postage). And I carry a set in my handbag for those times I need to write a quick note!

"These are so cute + adorable - I can't wait to give these out as part of my gifts"

☆ ☆ 

Some more wearable art! Again these will be popping up in my etsy store soon, but if you are interested make sure you email me before the go live! 
The best things about these rings, is that they are adjustable. So they fit everyone! (Including me with my pudgy fingers!)
These are another popular item at my market stalls, and at $7.50 they are also another affordable way to own (+ wear!) art.
Top Left: Worthy [brass]
Top Right: Purple Fairy [silver plate]
Bottom Left: Bug's Princess [silver plate]
Bottom Right: Adjustable rings
These are such difficult things to photograph well - I have a few more to add also.

"I adore having a little of your art on me"

☆ ☆ 

If you remember there was an explosion of kimmi dolls in April [part one + part two], but I also painted eleven more for the markets in May that I hadn't gotten around to sharing yet!
I have to say, the thought of putting these all up on etsy, is totally daunting, so you can only get these here, Facebook, or visiting me at one of my market stall.
$8 each (+ postage) these look awesome framed (like in image 7) and each comes with a ribbon or chain that you can hang from a door knob, christmas tree, draw handle, key ring, the roof.
Kimmi Dolls [1-6] $8 each
Image Seven- framed kimmi dolls $55 + postage

Just email me the picture number of the kimmi doll you are interested in.

"I wake up every morning and see your Kimmi doll on my fridge + it makes me smile!"

☆ ☆ 

So a huge spotlight this month, next month I hope to have a few more artful pendants + rings to share, as well as some new paintings + rings.

Is there a particular painting or journal page that you would like to see as a postcard, gift tag or jewellery? Let me know!

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  1. Looks like you've been busy with all of these wonderful items for sale! I hope they sell quickly for you. The postcards look amazing!


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