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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

☆Bean is Two

I can't believe that its two years since my gorgeous, amazing, mischievous and talented daughter was born. It always blindsides me how much I love her, how much she surprises me, how I can't imagine my life with out her…

She was born in Inverness, Scotland, on a rare sunny day. We had to travel two hours from our home to the hospital first on a ferry and then I in the back of an ambulance, my husband following behind in our car. But I didn't mind so much cause then he could ask me if I was ok for the one thousandth time!

8 hours after my first contraction, she met the world and I felt blessed that not only had I had a complication free labour, but that my Bean was healthy with ten fingers and ten toes. A perfect baby...

Now at two she is a bundle of energy. A constant whirlwind of motion and action. Her laugh infectious, her smile like sunshine, her imagination boundless, her mind canny, her love endless and her tantrums....legendary!

Happy Birthday Bean, my little big girl.


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