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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

☆ Toy Boxes and Sticky Fix Its..

Two months ago (just after the birth of Bug), I decided that I wanted to do something special for the girls and individualise their toy boxes. At that stage they were just plain, brown stained pine boxes that we had bought years ago to house our (my) shoe collection, which had been used as toy boxes by default. With the new addition to our family I wanted both the girls to have their own individual boxes for the huge mountain of toys that seems to keep growing and growing!

Bean being the eldest picked the colours for them, a bright apple green for her and a soft lilac for Bug. In my infinite wisdom I also wanted the girls to have their names on the boxes, so went about searching for just the right letters for the box. Not too big or too small, like the three bears story, it had to be just right!

I also wanted to personalise them more and paint the letters with patterns that I had designed and painted myself. After a long search in hardware stores, hobby shops and long web searches I stumbled on this fantastic online store called mdf magic which allowed me to choose the size and font I wanted.

So I have been spending the last two weeks finding snatches of time, between feeds, nappies, playtime and rain, to prime and paint the toy boxes and design and paint the letters, and yesterday I finally finished them - after a struggle with double sided tape, sticky fix its and super glue that is!!

Here some pics:
My temporary work space - the kitchen table (my space is under construction at mo.)

Close ups of a few of the letters

The finished product! - photos taken with my iphone so not the best quality photos.

You can't really tell from the photo's but the 'A' above has fish and the first i below has ladybug stick ons.

I am so impressed with how these turned out - I love the bubble and star l's and the ladybug i and the flower n - I am thinking of doing some for my niece and for my sisters baby due in September.


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