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Sunday, August 29, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday and the flu

I had such a hard time this week completing an entry for the Illustration Friday prompt.  'Atmosphere' is such an abstract thing to illustrate. My husband immediately thought of a bubble and a city or living thing in this bubble, where as my immediate thoughts were along the lines of an atmosphere surrounding two people - like tension, passion, hate - that kind of thing.

I had a crack at drawing something for both ideas, but in the end I didn't complete either of them. My only free day in between mothers groups, car rego, in-law visits, ultrasounds and specialist appointments was on Wednesday, and wouldn't you know it but I woke up feeling like death - I had the flu. All night previous, I had dreamt I was in an icy cold bath and woke up several time shivering, and the next day I ached - from my achilles, to my finger nails and the chainsaw in my head. But funnily enough it was only a 24 hour thing, and on Thursday I was a new woman!!

Needless to say, on Wednesday, I didn't really feel up to refining my sketches, and Bean was delighted to have almost a whole day in front of the TV.

So here are the part-way finished 'Atmosphere' sketches:

I titled this one 'The Conversation' and although I didn't quiet get the
feel I  wanted I thought it was a cute sketch!

She has a small globe in her hands - quickly coloured with water colours
one day this week I may go back and touch it up with gel pens

Next weeks prompt 'immovable' will prove to be a challenging one too!


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