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Sunday, August 22, 2010

☆ The Ivy War Begins...

I have just taken Bug up to bed with every single muscle in my body groaning in protests as I walk up the stairs, my arms so sore its a struggle to carry my 10 pound, 10 week old Bug to bed. But there is a sense of satisfaction to my aches and pains, as today, I started to tackle our totally over grown, totally neglected, totally overwhelming back yard - and yet I am still not sure I've made any head way.

According to our neighbours, the previous owner wasn't able to do much yard work in the later years of her life, and you can tell. The ivy has taken over, and is running rampant, strangling several trees and taken over a flower bed in which we have uncovered hundreds of daffodil and jonquil bulbs. (Bring on the spring!) 

Ironically, I thought Ivy was a beautiful plant when we lived in Scotland, and dreamed of white cottages with entrances framed with lush green ivy, yet here in Australia I just want to kill it. 

It. Is. Everywhere.

So I suspect this will be the never-ending battle and the bane of my gardening life! Some what like the black berry brambles and rhododendrons where in Scotland. Every day a new shoot would poke up. Maybe I should give in and buy some kerosine to kill it. If any one knows of another, less toxic way to kill the ivy, I would love to know!

On a brighter note the nursery was having a sale as we walked past it yesterday, and I bought a couple of plants for the front entrance - which I had a great time planting with Bean on watering duty - although she spent most of the time sitting on her bike pretending to 'wide' and trying to dig up the flowers we just planted!

Here are a few pics of  our efforts….


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