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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

☆Toilet Paper Dolls

 It has been a miserable fortnight with cold, wet and windy weather so we a little house bound and stir crazy at the moment.

Last Friday, desperate to find something new to entertain Bean while I cleaned the house for our impending visitors, (there is only so much dusting and bed making she is interested in helping with!),  I found a couple of empty toilet rolls in the recycling and I remembered seeing a flickr post of a toilet paper class shot -  here.

So I very quickly drew a fairy queen and punk princess, coloured them in with Beans crayons and cut around the top.
Fairy Queen

Bean with her new best friends

It was hard to focus on the dolls with the excited waving around by Bean!
They haven't left Beans hands - she has played with them constantly over the weekend despite receiving a few new toys for her birthday. 

Today they are looking slightly tattered - the Fairy Queens wings are bent and the punk princess is currently awol. 

Who needs expensive toys, or dolls to entertain the kids when there is always a toilet roll in the house??

What creative ideas have you had to entertain kids on those cold and wet afternoons? 


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