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Thursday, August 12, 2010

☆I'll have my lunch...with Spots

Mama (iphone)
Last weekend my sister, mum and I went to Canowindra (a small town 20 minutes from home) for lunch. They have some great restaurants & cafes there as well as some very cool shops - like the vintage clothing shop and the Trading Post.

After a delicious tapas plate, the most decadent dark chocolate and raspberry brownie and a few warming glasses of red, we meandered through two stories of vintage home wares, hand sewn stuffed toys, art deco lamps and a whole multitude of trinkets, glass beaded jewellery and just cool stuff, we found our way to the cafe courtyard, where we found these amazing giraffe sculptures.

I am not sure who the artist is, but seeing these gorgeous creatures in amongst the greenery of the courtyard I want them for my back yard.... but even if I could afford to buy them the mama giraffe was already sold, and I wondered who could resist the baby giraffe because in my mind you couldn't just have one now could you? 

Baby and Mama (iphone)
Baby - Close up (iphone)
Baby and Mama. (iphone)
It's made me think about my own backyard and how I could do something creative on a grander scale - some kind of sculpture or wall hanging perhaps. The mind is boggling.

What do you have in your own backyard, courtyard or balcony that's creative? 


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