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Monday, September 12, 2011

☆ Boundaries [Illustration Friday]

Families are tricky beasties. They can be supportive, pushy, loving, cutting, amusing, insulting and kind.

Sometimes, they can be all that in a five minute space.

I just spent the weekend with my family, away in the NSW highlands. All but my middle brother and his expectant partner were in attendance, and I realised over this weekend, that my family are the most wonderfully supportive people.

Not one of them scoffed at my dream of being an artist, which I hesitatingly confessed after a few wines. They were full of advice, (some of it helpful) and all of them were pushing me past my comfortable boundaries. Beyond my self doubt and hesitations. Beyond the huge big ball of fear in the pit of my stomach. (or was that the red wine??)

I am so lucky, lucky to have these amazing people in my life, with the unspoken and unwavering support. And so, so lucky that they are comfortable enough within our family unit to give me a huge kick up the arse!

Thanks guys.

'Live Boundless.'
Have a great week



  1. Your style is simply amazing :D

  2. That is great to hear you have support. :) And it does help that you're so amazingly talanted and I just adore your artwork. :)

  3. I'm agree w/ u. Family can be both annoying and supporting at the same time. But after all, we need 'em cz that's where we belong. Nice illustration btw! ;]

  4. Family.....!!! They love us and we love them, and they can drive us crazy!! LOL My mother wants to know why I can't "just paint a landscape"! I love your paintings (as I'm sure your family does as well). Keep up the beautiful work and follow your dreams! xoxo


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