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Friday, September 30, 2011

☆ Creative Project - Belle No Sew Tutu

Bean was very upset the other day...

She realised in her vast wardrobe of tutu's she didn't have one which was like Belle's (i.e. a yellow tutu, and yes that is Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast!)

So after explaining to her, that no we couldn't just go out to the shops and buy one, that daddy goes to work to make money to pay for a lot of other things other than Belle tutu's, (and again, yes a lot this went into way too much detail for a three year old!) I promised her that when we went to Canberra for Fred's birthday, that we would go to the material shop and buy yellow tutu material.

So this is how I made the easiest tutu ever in about half an hour...

I bought two meters of tulle, (enough for bean, bug and a little tutu for isabella the doll), and a metre of ribbon.

First I folded and cut the tulle into four pieces, of which I then cut into strips.

I then took a half a metre of ribbon and found the half way mark which I then lay a strip of tulle over

and then tied (I am not sure of the technical term, but essentially over, under, through)

I then tied on pieces of tulle either side, pulling each one tight, 
and scrunching tightly together

Until a there is a full skirt.

Tie the ribbons together, and voila two very cute Belle tutus..

I know these are fairly sketchy instructions, but if you type no sew tutu's into google, you will find videos, and very detailed tutorials.

And I got to thinking, I could make these tutu's out of anything - a cinderella rag tutu anyone? hmmmm, maybe next week!

Have a great weekend. I hope you'll take half hour to make your own tutus and dance like a princess!


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