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Monday, September 19, 2011

☆Mesmerizing [Illustration Friday]

'Your conversation is just... mesmerizing.'

watercolour, graphite, marker
Have you a person in your life that tells you the same bit of news over and over again. When you feel your eyes glaze over, your lips freeze in a parody of a smile and nod with a few encouraging 'really?'s', in between stifling yawns. When they have no recollection of telling you the same story, only the night before? 

This painting was born of this exact scenario, which happened to me this weekend.

So dear reader.... Do you cut the person off? Let them tell the story for the forth time? How do you politely tell them, "Yes I know Myrtle from next doors roses were stolen, because you told me three.times.before!" And how many times is polite to listen to the same story?

Have a great week - and hoping you don't have the same story told to you three times over!



  1. I cracked up when I firstbsaw this post. It's great.
    As for your question... My mantra is 'always do the right thing and you can't go wrong', so the right or polite thing is to just smile and react the same way you did the first time you heard it..........but after the 10th time. I think another approach maybe more appropriate. Lol.
    Kyles :D

  2. Lol! That's funny. I have that happen to me, too. I just say, oh yes, you told me that yesterday and then we move on to another subject. :) I tend to forget what I tell people too so I often start with, have I told you about so and so? And they have a chance to tell me if I have or not to spare any emberasment. :)

  3. Yes, indeed I have had that kind of conversation. This character does seem put out. Nicely done as well.


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