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Thursday, September 1, 2011

☆ Life's Obsessions

I don't know about you guys, but I am an obsessive list maker and notebook hoarder.

 iphone shot of a few of my current notebooks.
I blame.... sorry...thank, my mum for this habit, because being the some what disorganised type with a hundred thoughts in my head the only way she could see me passing my HSC and making my way to university, was to write with me daily lists, all packaged in a pretty notebook.

I have always had a diary, a notebook, an idea's journal, and at one point a poetry journal which I wrote really awful, teen angst poetry. (This faze, fortunately for those I shared it with, only lasted a month or two!)

Anyways, I am looking for a solution to the current horde of notebooks I cart around with me. As you see in the photo above, I have a diary, and ideas journal, a book to write random bits and pieces, my moleskine sketch book, my A5 sketch book and a note book by my bedside to write random thoughts in the middle of the night. (Cause there the important ones!!)

I thought I had a perfect solution when I stumbled on Erin Condrens Life Planners - beautifully styled, small enough to fit in my bag, big enough for my scribbles. Sadly this love affair was short lived, unfortunately the shipping to Australia is extortionate! 

So instead of wallowing in misery, I thought I would ask you dear readers and visitors, if you are notebook challenged, what are your solutions? Have you managed to streamline you note book needs? How did you do it? 

Have a great weekend.

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