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Friday, September 16, 2011

☆ Creative Project - In Progress

Well, I didn't die. And surprise, surprise, I am feeling better.

So now I have learn't my second very important blogging truth.

Don't Blog When Your Sick.

(number one being don't blog when your drunk!)

I can't even go back and read that post. I think I will just keep it in its protective haze of illness.

Anyway it is my nephews birthday this weekend and I am frantically painting some letters (like these here)

I had ordered them weeks ago, but in my haste I didn't check the size of the final orders, so when they arrived in their very small package I realised that instead of ordering the 6" letters, I ordered the 1" ones. crap.

The reordered (and correctly sized ones) arrived just the other day, so I should be able to finish them off in time.

That is if I don't have a relapse of the dreaded and deadly 'Kirst flu', that turns sane and rational people to insane and irrational.

Have a great weekend.


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