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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

☆ September Sketch Challenge - update two

(I am prefacing this post with an apology. Sorry I am an unwell moany cow at the moment - feel free to skip my sick rant and look at the pictures!)

Yet again I have a cold, well this time I think its the flu - achy all over, hot and cold flushes and a nose which wont. stop. running. I have never been this constantly sick - the joys of children some one told me recently. How can this feeling be joyful?

So beyond uploading the sketches from last weeks sketches, my mind is too fuddled to be witty or charming (which of course I always am!).

I'm just waiting for my blankie to heat up (that's an electric blanket not a euphemism for my husband ;) ) before collapsing into bed, so I thought I'd share these pics.

My Best Friend 
Bug's Favourite Book

One of my Favourite Movies

My Favourite Character

A favourite TV Show

Favourite Candy

Right - I am crawling off to my deliciously warm bed!


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