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Friday, March 15, 2013

☆ Captain of Destiny [a new painting]

After a bit of an up + down week, a sick Mr Mac, a busy schedule + some very tired girls (myself included), I managed to grab some serious studio time yesterday. 

I love Thursdays! Thursdays are my day. The two big girls are at school so I only have the wee beastie to demand my time. She is only nine weeks old, so I am pretty much free to do anything I want on this day. 


I jokingly said to some one, (when I waxing on about how much I love Thursdays + all the amazing things I could do), that if I really wanted to I could have champagne for breakfast.

She said to me, "No you couldn't!" 

"Why not?" I asked

"Because, well, you can't. And anyway you are feeding the beastie, so you can't drink"

And it made me sad that a. she missed the point, and b. if I really wanted champagne for breakfast there are so many other options....

But back to how much I love Thursdays, after a slightly trying week + some moments of being serously stuck in the studio, I woke up with this idea in my head.

She is the Captain of her Destiny, she can steer her ship where she wants to, when ever she wants to. 

Captain of Destiny
12x12' mixed media canvas
For Sale HERE
And so am I.

I am the captain of my own destiny + if I really want to I can have champagne for breakfast.

I would love to know what would do if you had a day with no demands on your time, no deadlines, no rules? Feel free to share below.

By the way, this months give away is open + is free to enter to everyone no mater where you live! To win an original piece of my art work, click here.

Have a great weekend



  1. Love the sentiments behind this painting. Great work! What I would do with a free day? That's easy! Paint! Shut down the computer, put on some music and paint all day long ....

  2. She has the aura of being in charge of her life. Your girls have amazing eyes:)

  3. Ms Destiny is divine! Your art work is exquisite and you are amazing! Enjoy ^_^

    Enjoy each moment is what I try to do.

  4. Gorgeous piece!!! What would I do -I'd have the champagne, blast my favorite music of the moment and art of course :) Happy PPF!

  5. OMG, I ADORE this! What a striking piece. HPPF!

  6. Wow! My favorite painting by you yet!! Awesome!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. Great post and beautiful work...strong women raise strong daughters! and...a glass of wine (or champagne) now and then might calm the nursing baby! lol

  8. beautiful work.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Lovely work!!! I think I would put in one my favorite musicals to watch without interruptions, while eating popcorn, and then I would put on some music and I would draw and write. Oh! heaven...

  10. Beautiful painting! Love how the background could be either light dappled water or starry space!<3

  11. You go girl!! I agree.....we are not's not nice to rain on a girls parade!! I paint, play scrabble, eat seafood, and watch a funny romance movie or documentary!! Some days I do that too!! Happy every thursday to you!! I love love love the power and beauty of this painting!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I like being captain of my own ship ... Great drawing, painting, enjoy that nine week old " beastie"!

  13. Great piece of art and I love that she listens to her heart and is the captain of her own destiny !!
    Beautiful :)

  14. Great painting and theme to this piece such a great way to think!


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