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Monday, March 18, 2013

☆ Courage + Bravery [Lifebook week 6]

This weeks lesson was recognising the moments in our life where we were brave or courageous.

And in recognising these moments, (which I found there were more than I thought!), we were to select an animal which we thought represented our bravery.

I have spoken before about my stuffed tiger Tiffee, so it was only natural that the animal symbol I chose was a tiger.

This was a bit of an experiment for me too, because I didn't have any masking fluid for my girl, or any spray inks, so I made do with grease proof paper + making my own spray inks.

And on a side note did you know they are super easy to make? Water + paint in a spray bottle. Simples! (I think there is an exact formula like 3 parts paint to one of water but I don't bother)

I drew my girl walking forward, because I need to remind myself that to be courageous, it takes one step at a time!

I am really enjoying my lifebook experience this year, I am learning so many new techniques + since I started later, it was easy to let go of the rigidity + rules that I had set myself last year (You know those rules you set yourself? I must complete each lesson as it comes out, no skipping forward + no moving on until the last piece is finished!) 


But as this is the year of Release, it feels good to break through the rigidity. 

So I am sure I am not the only one with rules that need to be broken. If you feel like sharing I would love to know which rules you need to break more often!

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  1. LOVE your take on this LIFE book challenge. I'm taking the class but haven't managed to finish any of the lessons yet - sigh. . .
    Your spray inks are great!

  2. She totally reminds me of the big girl/little girl struggle within that we all face from time to time when dealing with adult challenges

  3. She has a "I´m doing it anyway" expression. :) Love her dress. And of course the little tiger.

  4. She is lovely!!! And her bravery shows!!!


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