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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

☆ Cold Embrace [100 Things]

[I wanted to quickly thank every one for their gorgeous comments last week, they have been so lovely to read, but because the Mac House was the house of illness, I haven't managed to reply to many people. But they were so lovely + lifted my spirits when it all seemed too much. THANK YOU! xx]

I was inspired again by my 100 things challenge - this time I decided to paint 'cold embrace'. 

I was really struggling last week, (aside from my family being sick around me), but also because like 'Mistress of the Ring' this painting was one I had to push through. I like the end result, but gee it was touch and go in the middle (+ I must admit, I almost binned it - and I have never done that before!)

'COLD EMBACE - a mermaid and her doll'
6' x 4' mixed media acrylic painting
Available FOR SALE here.
And after last week, I realised how far I have come. Not only in developing my own style, but in perseverance, and in dealing with my inner bitch. Because three years ago, this struggle would have crippled me + I would have just stopped. 

And it would have taken me a month or a year, (or five) to return to my art.

And I wonder where you are in your own personal story? And are you stronger, more confident in yourself now than you where when you started? I would love to hear your story! 

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  1. Really beautiful I love the hair.

  2. Hi Kirstin, what do you mean with “I almost binned it”? Thankfully you did not! It’s a beautiful painting, really!

    I went back to my art one year ago or so and I am still in the experimenting process. Sometimes I do not like the final result, sometimes I love it and most of the times I do not care about what people around me say about my paintings {they think they are all art experts when they don’t know a thing…}!.

    For me, art means therapy and as long as I will feel good by doing it, I won’t give up again! I do not think I have developed my own style, yet but I'm working on it!

    Kisses, Alex

  3. I love her and her dolly!! Glad you did not put her in the trash!

    I have only been really working at my art and decided that I am an artist since last April so I don't really have a story to tell...lots of experimenting, lots of learning, lots of fear and discouragement. I am a mixed media artist so my work is all over the board from polymer clay beads to painting (watercolor, acrylic, PanPastel...) to inks (spray, India, acrylic...) to collage, sewing, knitting, quilting...a little bit of drawing...When something goes "wrong" I put it aside and do something else. When I feel stronger or at least better I go back to the project. This means I have lots of unfinished projects :) oh well!

  4. I'm a beginner myself (been drawing for almost 6 months now, to be honest), but I really like it. I don't care about others. I love what I do (something I thought I could not do) and I don't need anyone's approval. There are times that I get really furstrated, because as a newbie I lack technique, but I push through and I make what I want. Even if it's not really the same with the image I have in my head.

    Your image is lovely. Glad you didn't bin it!!!


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