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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

☆ Easter Tag Swap Update

Thank you to everyone who has joined in. The christmas tag swap was such fun, so I hope this one will be just as fun.

Again, I thought we'd do a round robin swap + partners are...

Liza sends to Kim
Katie  to  Clare
Clare  to  Kirstin
Kirstin  to  Katie
Kim  to  Dawn
Dawn  to  Kathryn
Kathryn  to  Bexs
Bexs  to  Karen
Karen  to  Chel Marie
Chel Marie  to  Janice
Janice  to  Liza

I have emailed out everyones swap partners email address. Hopefully you have received an email from me [it will have have Easter Tag Swap Partner in the subject line]. (And hopefully I haven't mucked it up as I had two very cranky children to deal with when I started sending emails!)

You will need to send a quick email to your partner for their postal address.

In order for everyone to receive their tag (cause remember some of us are on the other side of the world!!) you should aim to have your tag in the post by Monday 11th March.

I hope you all enjoy creating + receiving your tags. Please let me know if you haven't received an email from me, or if you need any further information.

I can't wait!

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