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Monday, March 4, 2013

☆ Give Away Redraw [+ Lifebook Week 4]

Last months give away winner didn't contact me, and I really tried to contact them, but couldn't find an email address to let you know, so I decided to do a redraw.

So the winner of last months give away 'SNOW' is....


Can you email me your address + I will pop her in the post for you.

So back to lifebook again this week. I am planning to do a couple of lessons this month per week to catch up with the course.

Week fours lesson was 'Scales of Light' using a black back ground + white pencils, crayons, pastels, etc to create tones.

Instead of using black card, I painted a spread in my Lifebook journal with black acrylic, which I have found if you put a little on at a time with a dry brush, it is very similar to black gesso.

I went again with the release theme, (I am totally rocking my word of the year this year!), and the dragon fly which symbolises for me, rebirth. 

Photographing this was problematic, so it is a bit shiny in spots, but over all I really enjoyed this project,  even if I only had a white pencil to use.

Over all a fun, and experimental (for me) project. 

Have you experimented with a new medium recently? I would love to hear what you've created.

By the way - tomorrow I am emailing out partners for the Easter Tag Swap - this is your last chance to join in the fun!! I hope you'll join us



  1. Working on what to use to keep markers from bleeding through the Smashbook pages. Gesso was suggested but it leaves stuff behind on the point plus I don't want to lose the pattern of the paper to cover up. Need something clear, non shiny that won't remove with alcohol marker. It's a shame you had to redraw but I'm sure your 2nd winner will be thrilled!

  2. that's a shame the first winner didn't get in touch - am sure she'll be gutted if she finds out but lucky for Katasee. I never thought of using black acrylic on a journal page like that but I like the effect you created.

  3. I just love your Lifebook journal entry, Kirstin. That sounds like such a fun project. I haven't experimented with any new mediums lately but I have tried a new method of painting. I'm pretty excited about the intuitive paintings I've been working on. Congrats to Katasee!


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