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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

☆ Eye Glasses [illustration friday]

I haven't posted an illustration friday post for a very long time. I have been enjoying other persuits, lifebook, my 100 things challenge, and painting something fresh + new for Paint Party Friday.

So when I received my weekly email from the Illustration Friday website, early Saturday morning, I had this idea pop into my head.

Something simple + since I have been returning to my roots lately, a bit of a mixture between the past + present.

This weeks prompt was eye glasses....

In the end it was a good thing I decided on something simple - just when you think your life is slipping into a nice routine, and children are complying with sychronised rest times, it all goes to hell!

I am pleased I am working on 'releasing'. Last year I would have been so cranky had this happened. Going with the flow seems to be far!


  1. She's gorgeous!!! I khow how this thing with the kids is. Just when you think you have it all together, they get sick or there's some thing at school or some thing or the other and everything becomes total chaos... I think I should use "release" too.

  2. I love this! I don't often see artwork with someone in glasses. The watercolor makes for such a soft look. Very nice!

  3. she looks amazing! Love her glasses!
    xxx Susi
    monthly challenge blog

  4. Great ilo for IF. Yes are captivating even under glasses! :D Well done :)

  5. She is fantastic! I certainly would love to wear those glasses! X

  6. I love your illustration style

  7. Love this, Kirstin! Also - glad you're able to go with the flow. That can be such a challenge for creatives.


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