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Monday, March 25, 2013

☆ Unstumpification [lifebook week 7]

Say What?

I learnt a new word this week on life book - unstumpification.

When I started seriously drawing (so a very long time ago!) I would trace things.

I would get some baking paper from the cupboard + dig out my Care Bear comic and trace the care bears.

A few years later when I thought I would be a fashion designer I would trace the girls from the Cleo's + Cosmo's that my older cousin would let me read.

But I would be so disappointed with those, because the looked dumpy + stumpy.

I wish I had the amazing Jane Davernport back then to show me how to unstumpify my drawings.

The girl on the left has been unstumpified

Again we were focusing on bravery + the writing is a celebration of all things that I have been bravely doing.

It was a good reminder on a weekend where I have felt a bit down, and feeling a little scared about some things, but as I wrote these things down, I realised I am bravely moving forward, I just need to put on my big girl pants + take it one step at a time.

Have you thought recently about how brave you have been? Have you written it down? I bet you'll be surprised with how brave you truly are!


  1. I loved the video with that lesson - You did a great job with it!!

  2. Brilliant 'unstumpification' - I tried this lesson with Jane D but it didn't materialise to an actual finished piece! You have inspired me to try again!!!!

    Karen x

  3. Great word! I didn't even know it was a thing but seeing the two girls beside each other it all becomes clear!

  4. Great stuff Kristin, love your art and this one is really awesome


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