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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

☆ Creative Projects [A Mermaids Tail]

After much discussion with Bean about the perfect mermaids tail, we visited the local fabric shop on a mission for pink sparkly material for a our mermaids tail.

But we live in a rural area and the need for pink sparkly material in locals quilting projects is surprisingly...nil. We were shown nice green material with a sparkly thread through it, but of course Bean was insistent that only a pink tail mermies tail would do!

So we compromised and found this awesome pink fabric which looks as if it could be scales! Bean was happy and so was I because I knew if I had to wait until we made it to the city it would be another six months down the road.

In the end, I was surprised how quickly it all came together after the measuring, and drawing a pattern. The sewing was very, very basic!

I stuffed the tail to give it more body, but I am not sure I wouldn't change that or have a different style of fin, if I did it again...

I designed the tail to sit just under her armpits, and to face the rear, but Bean has her own style and turned it around, and has it sitting just below her hips. (my own little style master!)

In light of the change in style, I will probably sew a bangle or elastic circle to the tail so she can carry it without tripping over! 

Bean loves it. LOVES. IT! So in many ways, the effort, the trauma of no sparkly pink material, and the mental frustration involved (math ain't my strong suit) it was all worth it!

Of course now I have to sew one for Bug and Isabella (her favourite doll)... Piece of cake!



  1. Looks great. My daughter would love it. I may have to try making one. =D

  2. Oh, goodness, she has to be the cutest kid I have EVER SEEN! And CERTAINLY the cutest mermaid! :) That is an awesome mermaid tail!


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