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Friday, August 12, 2011

☆ Work in Progress

I thought I would share some photos of a series of paintings that I have started this week.

I found some old frames, that I had once put some beautiful postcards into, but sadly they had faded over time, so I thought it would be nice to paint a few mermaids for Bean and Bugs play room.

I'm really excited by these paintings, these mermaids are vibrant and each has their own personality. 

At one stage I thought that I might attempt to write a novel and I remember reading a lot about how some authors didn't have control over their characters, that they tended to take over demanding their own story. 

At the moment I haven't any burning desire to write, the characters that were once swirling in my head seem to be appearing before me under my pencil. They are demanding their own story told.

Have a great weekend


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