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Friday, August 26, 2011

☆ Creative Project - completed!

Do you remember the owls I made for Bug's birthday? The ones that were supposed to be a mobile over her cot?

Well after weeks of thinks I must finish them off, pulling them out to work on, being distracted (Ok, procrastinating!) and Mr Mac putting them away only for me to forget about, I finally sat down, strung them, and hung them.

Bug is fascinated with them and Bean...

... well Bean, she wants her own - but mermaids of course!

Have you completed a long over due project lately? Did you have a huge sense of satisfaction (and a sigh of relief that it wasn't five years down the track?)

When my procrastinating tendencies kick in, I must remember to recapture this feeling, it might motivate me more!

Have a great weekend everyone


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