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Monday, August 1, 2011

☆Obsession [Illustration Friday]

Beans current obsession is anything princess. Disney princesses in particular. I used to think that I preferred the disney option over some of the current TV shows that are out there aimed at toddlers, but now I am having a rethink...

Especially when she crosses her arms, pouts and stamps her foot when she doesn't get her own way, or the way she cries dramatically into her arms saying things like 'but I love him!' and my most favourite moment when she asks me to sing the mermaid song, and says (in a fair imitation of usular) 'Now Sing' and 'Keep Singing!'.

It is so bad that mermaids HAVE to be drawn a certain way - tails must always be to the right, and they most certainly cannot wear crowns!

I love her creativity, her drama, her singing stories and her flair, but I do not love the throw down tanties over watching her movies. It might just be time to wean ourselves off the princesses, [sigh!] and I suppose that is why I am the parent!

Inspired by bean - 

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  1. EY! i like your drawings!
    and i loved your presentation, and your willing to work!


  2. My daughter loved Jasmine. She'd put every scarf she could find on her head at the same time and say she was "Jasmine in the marketplace". This drawing is beautiful and kind of haunting. I like your style very much!


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