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Saturday, August 6, 2011

☆Life Lessons [as taught to me by Bean and Bug]

A few weeks ago we had a week away in Sydney and as part of our girls week away (we'd left poor Mr Mac slaving away in the cold) I took the girls to see Disney on Ice.

Now never having gone to one of these events I wasn't sure what to expect, but our journey there was anything but serene! An hour and a half of rushing to various forms of public transport, a cranky child who wouldn't eat anything except a pink pink donut (and only the icing at that!) and then having to run from one end of the arena to the the other to find our seats as they were announcing three minutes to curtain time, dragging said cranky child past all the glittery and exciting concession stands, and finally scooting our way to our seats right at the very end of the aisle. sigh!
By the time I sat down I was tired, and hot, and cranky, and so didn't want to be there, and then the lights were turned down and Minnie, Micky and Donald drove out in their cars...
 and even Bug stopped fussing for a time!
 and when Ariel appeared Bean started to cry with joy...
(which of course set me off!)
and she was so mesmerised by the whole show she didn't move once!

In the intermission I asked Bean what she thought of the show, and she just looked at me and sighed 'Oh. Mama... mama!'

And it made me remember that life is not about rushing from one train to the next, its about living in the present and even though Disney on Ice is no Torvill and Dean performance, there is joy in every moment if you look for it, and at that very moment, I wouldn't have traded my tickets. 

Bean still hasn't stopped talking about the show, the colours the mermaids, the faeries, so I think we'll end up doing it again next year, and that little Ariel doll that we bought as we didn't rush for the train home? Well it didn't leave her hot little hand for a week!


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