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Monday, January 2, 2012

☆ 2012 - the Year of Bravery

Do you have a word that you connect to? A word that speaks to your soul, a word that becomes a part of your daily living?

Last year I was inspired by Ali Edwards and her One Little Word for 2011. Last year the word that was in my mind was intent. But it was a word that didn't sit comfortably with me. It was a word that was to describe my 2011 dreams, and intent was a good word, but I think it was to broad.

This years word was different. This year I knew the word for 2012 before the end of November.

This year is the year of bravery.

Let me share with you a little story. (ok so its not so little)

I was out for a walk one afternoon, listening to my ipod, when my mind began to wander, and I began reminiscing. When Mr Mac and I were in our mid 20's we took what we called a mature age gap year. Scrimping and saving, then quitting our jobs, storing our possessions, and selling our cars, we booked our 'round the world tickets and took off for Europe.

As I was reminiscing, I marvelled at how brave we were to do that, to go on our grand adventure and laughing at how naive we were. We travelled mostly in Eastern Europe and we didn't have a clue what the next day would bring us, what new adventure, and we probably, in our naivety ended up in some very dodgy places.

But for six months, we didn't have a plan, except to go where ever, do whatever and see what we wanted. Now I know that many people have done this before us, but for us it was a huge leap of faith and bravery.

So, (and yes I am going somewhere with this), as I am congratulating myself on this act of bravery that changed the course of our lives, I realised two things, firstly that it was exactly ten years ago this year that we left, and secondly that when I moved back home from Scotland, I started to slide back into the way I had been before we went overseas.

Yes I was creating, and painting that's not what I mean, I was playing it safe and I was starting to fall into a rut.

The year of Bravery is inspired by life and all the crap from last year, inspired by the other amazing artists out there, and inspired by the support and concern of you guys, I am going to spend 2012 being brave.

So do you have a word that you've connected to? That inspires you? That pushes you? I would love to hear if you are inspired by a word and how you came to choose it?


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