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Monday, January 23, 2012

☆ ATC's [january]

©2012 Kirstin McCulloch
 Usually I try to have my Illustration Friday piece up on a monday night. It's a great way to start off the week, to accomplish something, finish something on day one. (Well ok, I know that technically sunday is day one of the week, but..)

Anyway, this weeks prompt twirl had me a little stumped, but I have started, and I have been inspired by week three of Life Book 2012, so it is something a little different to what I have created recently.

So you'll have to come back tomorrow to see the finished piece, or have a sneak peak on my face book page to see work in progress.

©2012 Kirstin McCulloch

This months ATC exchange on the willowing.ning site was lady birds, or lady bugs as we call them. (Does anyone know - Is there a difference?)

My youngest is nicknamed bug (as in cute little lady bug) and has been bug since I first found out I was pregnant. And both my girls are obsessed with the one and only Kimmi doll in our house - huge screaming fights ensue when she is found in a hiding spot I or Mr Mac put her to save the peace.

So for this months challenge I was inspired by my own baby Bug, and we'd just had a huge kimmi doll fight the day I sat down to create these!

The scanner obviously focused on the stick on bug on my second card, so the facial details are out of focus.

Happy Monday everyone!

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