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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

☆ Twirl [illustration friday]

 Kirstin McCulloch
I love to watch my girls twirling, their tutus swinging out and swishing around their skinny legs.

They love to watch their tutus twirl too. They twirl until they're dizzy and fall over and laugh hysterically.

It's awesome to watch, especially the way Bean's eye roll back in her head...ok, it's slightly poltergeist kind of way. But hysterical all the same!

I was inspired to use the same technique used last weeks Life Book class. I love black pen and cross hatching. Such a detailed way to work.

And my eyes are as crossed as Beans when she twirls.

It was fun to do, it felt good to stretch myself and to step outside the box I've been painting in the last wee while - but I am so itching to get back to the paints.

So have you managed to stretch yourself lately and paint outside the box? It's hard to do, but it's quite freeing - like twirling in a tutu.

P.S. If you come back thursday you can see the life book piece that inspired this picture. x


  1. Un trabajo increíble Kirstin! Me encanta la composición y el juego de luces y sombras. Enhoabuena y saludos desde España!

  2. Like your style in this illustration...nicely done!

  3. Kristin, your drawing turned out amazing! I'd like to try the cross hatching. I have never experimented with it.

  4. Love this - especially the hair and eyes. Trying to push myself beyond too - its not easy is it?

    1. Thank you Karen. I agree totally, pushing myself is so hard, (and I have a 40 - 60% success rate!) but when I do the reward is worth it!

  5. I love it, I really like how you make the shadows :)

  6. Very pretty, detailed work. She's lovely. Hopefully your eyes have returned to normal!

    1. Thank you Angel - yep finally the eyes uncrossed ;)


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