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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

☆ Highlight [Illustration Friday]

AGGGH - another prompt from illustration friday that I struggled mightily with.

Highlight is such a difficult thing to put on paper. So I created this picture, intending to use the lantern as a highlight, but it as I was painting, it didn't quite work. (I am going to blame to sweltering hot day here, and no air conditioning!)

Follow the light
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
As I was sitting down to post this I had a mini epiphany - for the past year, one of the highlights of my week was receiving the saturday morning email with the coming weeks challenge, spending most of the weekend pondering the many interpretations of the prompt, figuring out how to illustrate it, drawing and colouring it, then posting it and finally seeing everyone else's choice of interpretation.

I loved this routine, the weekly puzzle, the highlight, and I can't wait to see what twisters they throw my way this year.

Have a great day, one that is hopefully cooler than here!


  1. I really like the eyes on your pieces. These big, innocent, almost sorrowful eyes add a lot of emotion.

  2. Very pretty. Congrats on figuring out one of your highlights too!

  3. I agree - this is one of my highlights too! And I like the big eyes too.

  4. She's beautiful! You've got some great skills! I can't wait to see what you produce throughout the Life Book course :)


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