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Thursday, January 19, 2012

☆ Life Book 2012 [week 2]

My husband is so awesome, I am so grateful that he bought a place for me on Life Book - I am having such a great time with the weekly classes. Thank you Mr Mac!

Week two's focus was on a dream/ vision/ goal boards and colour theory.

I decided to focus on a monthly dream page, because my dreams and goals change every month.

Through this page I wanted to remind myself of my solid goals - like create everyday, and loose a few pounds, to organise myself (the clock), but also looser ideas, like that it ok to fail, and I should try everyday to fail at something (I am so bad at this!), to express my love to others outside my immediate family, and to remember that I am brave. 

I also finished my special box for storing all my Life Book art in which is just an old gift box that my girls had trashed the lid of. I sticky taped it back together, gessoed the lid, and painted + stamped it.

I am really happy with how it turned out, she sits there looking at me and reminding me to keep going. To fill her up - and it is such a large box!

So that is what I was up to life booking this week, I am procrastinating slightly with week three's class, I am struggling with the idea of light and dark with in myself, and how I want to represent it!

How would you or what would represent the  light and dark in you? 

P.S Congratulations to January's give away winner, I was super organised and have the painting in the post already - I hope you get it soon. If you would like the chance to win an original painting I have a new give away planned for February 7th. x

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