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Sunday, January 8, 2012

☆ Damask [Inspiration Avenue]

©2012 Kirstin McCulloch
Do you know what damask is? I didn't.

I though damask was a type of fabric like muslin or satin. My entire knowledge of damask (sadly!) was from when I was sixteen and read every medieval romance novel on my nan's bookshelf! (Thanks Nan!!)

So when I found out what damask was (thank you inspiration avenue!) my entire month in Turkey suddenly made a lot more sense...

I had such issues with this painting. The first one I started was drawn on pretty crappy quality paper (a cheap water colour pad that I picked up for $2) and it started to wrinkle and peel, so I had to quickly do a redraw and tried again. 

My medieval princess has a damask butterfly broach. (not sure if this is relevant to the era thought!)

I hope you had a great weekend

p.s - don't forget to check back in on tuesday 10th for my very first 'Year of Bravery' give away! x


  1. Is she dreaming of Prince Charming? Nah... she's probably about to sneak off out on her horse for a wild adventure!!

  2. She is precious. Damask butterfly is cute idea.

  3. This was a tough challenge for sure. I love your big eyed girl! The butterfly fits!
    Nice to have you play!


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