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Monday, January 16, 2012

☆ Prepare [illustration friday]

Prepare for Flight
 Kirstin McCulloch
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So if you have been following my blog you will know that I am a planner. I prepare. Obsessively at times! My note books, my organisers, my idea books, my lists (oh. my. god. my lists!) they litter the house.

At the moment, I am working toward opening my online store, and holy hell, I have more lists! 

List to do with packaging, list to do with marketing, lists to do with money, lists to do with creative projects, and a list of how to live normally with my husband and kids.

ACK! I am making myself slightly crazy, but inside I feel right. This is the right move for me, I know it deep in my soul.

But... the lists!

So I would love to know are there others out there like me - compulsive list makers? Are you preparing for something new, something exciting? Or are you organising you pantry, or your day? How do you cope with list overload.

Have a great week - I am off to create another list - this time of things to do with my lists when I cross everything off!

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