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Monday, April 29, 2013

☆ Artists Spotlight - Liza Thomas

This weeks Artist in Spotlight is Liza Thomas

Liza is a very good friend of mine, who has only just started drawing + painting. She hasn't shared much of her work (but it is amazing!) and this is her inspiring story...


  1. Who are you + how did you start creating?
I’m a mother of 2 girls and am married to a most amazing husband, who is so very supportive and my own personal hero in life.
I started becoming interested in art towards the end of last year and decided I needed to unlock some creativeness I had bursting to get out, however I wasn’t sure how to begin?  So I started a journey to discover who I really was, which eventually lead me to the most amazing person. Had I not found this person then I have no doubt I wouldn’t be on this wonderful journey today.  This person who I will here on refer to as my mentor, was and is a constant inspiration on a daily bases.  This person spent time with me, listened to me and helped me to uncover some hidden emotions and feelings that were just waiting to emerge, and then helped me to channel into art.  My world is now filled with 
colour,texture and LIFE, and whilst I know I have done a lot of the hard yards (as she reminds me humbly) ,this person has made this journey amazing for me, and opened up a new dimension and depth to my life.  Thank you my mentor ;)
  1. What was your greatest hurdle? Or what do you wish you knew when you first started?
Greatest hurdle was starting, following my instincts, and having the guts to reach out to someone.  I wish I had of started sooner as I feel like it has been staring me in the face for a long time.  I wish I had valued myself more and realised the importance of my time creating, and the knock on effect it has in my whole families life.
  1. What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Apart from my mentor, it would be my children who have driven me to be better, to want more out of life and for myself.  I am their role model and I need to show them that they should fight for what they want, follow their hearts, and reach out and grab it.  There is no time like the present!
  1. What do you do when you are blocked, or just feeling meh?
I try not to beat myself up about it, get on with everyday life and wait for the moment to come.  I don’t create everyday yet, as I am still learning to balance everything and find my feet, however, I think about it every day. Most often than not my girls will say something inspiring or I will see something that makes me want to draw something.  I carry a journal around and write down things as I see them, or as my children say them, so I can later go back and be inspired.
  1. What is your favourite technique? Or your favourite medium?
I’m still figuring this one out, but I do like the combination of pastel pencils mixed with normal pencils, and also the brilliance and versatility of acrylic paints.

Liza's Easter Tag
Isn't this a cute painting? Liza doesn't have a blog yet, but I am sure we will see more of her work in the future!

I am participating in Denthe's Etsy Shop Spotlight  in May (I think it is still open if you want to promote your etsy shop + help promote others), so next Monday I am excited to share some of the gorgeousness of our fellow creatives.

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Have an awesome Monday


  1. That's really nice, and I get a mention!
    Well done Liza and keep creating

  2. Fantastic Liza, well done. Your family are proud of you. AH xxx


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