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Friday, April 19, 2013

☆ Dream Caught.

I am a vivid dreamer. 

I don't know if this is a technical term, but it is how I describe my dreams. 

They are all encompassing, they suck me in, and I am so involved in the dream that I often don't want to wake up. They are colourful + dramatic. I will wake up laughing, shouting + crying. Sometimes, I suffer from dream hang over, which for me means even though I am awake, I am groggy, foggy + I even though I am walking around organising breakfast, in my head I am still in my dream, rehashing it, reliving it. 

Although sometimes, I wish the dream hangover was less intense, I have never wished that I don't vivid dream.

And for as long as I remember, I have always had dream catchers in my bed rooms, in my teens I felt that I needed a safe guard against my dreams. I have one in my studio now, and I am not sure if they help, but since I have had one up, I have never had a nightmare. (Sad dreams + suspenseful dreams yes, but no nightmares)

So last weekend we were at the markets in the big smoke, and we had given them some money to spend. After looking at every stall, and making some tough decisions ("well you can buy this, but you can't buy that, or go on the jumpy castle") they both decided on buying dream catchers. (Which I thought was much better than the Hello Kitty bracelet which would break as soon as we got in the car!)

The very next night Bug wakes up talking about the scary bear, and how she can't go back to sleep, so we pulled out her new dream catcher, hung it up + back off to sleep she went.

It made me think, what if a little dream imp, attracted by the shiny stones + gold weave, ended up caught in the dream catcher, + this painting was born...

"Dream Caught"
11.7 x 8.3 in, acrylic + water colour paints, on quality water colour paper.
'Dream Caught' will be for sale in my etsy store at the end of the month.
(But email me now if your interested in purchasing before then) 
Do you remember your dreams? Do you suffer from dream hangover? I often wonder about the correlation between vivid dreams + creativity, so I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a fabulous weekend. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments last week, I wasn't able to get to many of the PPF entries last week because we were away, but I appreciated every comment! (and I found some jeans that sort of stay up!!)


  1. amazing... love the post as well as the painting! I will be sharing this with my granddaughters this weekend...they too love your work!
    cheers, dana

  2. Oh Kirstin she is breathtaking!!! I am so in awe of your talent. I have a dream catcher in the bedroom and even one in the kitchen by the door. I am def. a vivid dreamer and go thru the same things you do-hubby always shakes his head when I describe a dream to him cuz he's like "how can you possibly have every little detail down to (for example)- the scent in the air, a pattern on a curtain, even the color of someone's eyes?? I swear I can even taste the food I dream about and then I crave it that day :)

  3. Your girls are so amazingly cute and beautiful. Love how you come up with your ideas. Lately I hardly ever remember my dreams, they used to be much more vivid ...

  4. Beautiful illustration, your work has such a unique style. I also have vivid dreams and recurring dreams but I have never used their content as inspiration for my work... consciously :)

  5. Wonderful dreamcatcher painting. Beautifully done.

  6. Beautiful painting, love the colours you used! I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do, the images follow me all day.

  7. just beautifull.. I love the girl in the dream catcher!
    from + Austria


  8. You are 'on a roll' ~ she is adorable and painting is excellent ~ love the dreamcatcher ^_^

  9. Love the dreamcatcher, I too am a vivid dream person and often resent waking up because the dream was so wonderful!

  10. my dreams disappear unless I write them down as soon as I wake your dream catcher art, and what a sweet story about your kids. happy PPF!

  11. Glad you caught this wonderful vivid dream. Vivid and wild and wacky, that's my dream life and waking with a thought or idea already to go in my head. Happy PPF xox

  12. This is wonderful, a lovely dream catcher! HPPF!

  13. Totally beautiful and spellbinding..gorgeous work..the dreamcatcher is magical..shine on!Dreams are so powerful to use and infuse into life..i think they are all powerful seeds to explore!
    Happy PPF

  14. You know this is one of my favorite places to visit!! Dreams can be messages and I have had some very telling dreams. Get a spiritual friend and describe your dreams to them....listen to yourself as you describe them.... I read a book by Betty Bethard "Dream book" for self understanding... You could probably find it at a thrift store. It's the start of some self discovery.

    Yes my dreams live with me for weeks on end as I try and figure them out!! Some I just let go...

    As for you beautiful work of art...well there are no words..she is just delightfully dreamy and gorgeous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. oh!! I love how you put her in a dream catcher!! such a creative idea. My dreams seem to be on the mundane side, but I'll take that over a nightmare any day!!

  16. i'm sad to say that I really don't remember my dreams. Once in a while - but really not. I almost feel like I'm missing out a bit. Although dream hangover doesn't sound ideal. Lovely painting such a creative idea.

  17. What a sweet, whimsical and gorgeous painting. Very unique image and creative thinking. HPPF

  18. Oh wow! WHAT a great piece! Such a great concept - BRAVO, xoxo

  19. i love how your ideas come to you-this is just beautiful! i often dream quite vividly but unfortunately as soon as i wake up the details driftjust out of reach of memory. when i gave up smoking several years ago i used nicotine patches which, if you didn't take them off at night, would give you crazy vivid dreams-i used to keep them on, on purpose, just so i could see where my dreams would take me!

  20. Just lovely, love the idea and the implementation! <3

  21. I love your dreamcatcher painting.... its so beautiful

    Karen x

  22. Oh, what an imagination! I luv "Dream Caught", just precious!!!
    Wish I could have all of those beautiful vivid dreams.
    I think now I'll ask my daughter to make me another of her beautiful dream catchers for my room;maybe I'll remember some : )

  23. I absolutely love your dream catcher! Loved reading your post too! Yes, I have very vivid dreams...sometimes feel like it is movie theater that comes on when I sleep. I have felt deeply,spiritually connected to my dreams and do recollect many.


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