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Friday, April 5, 2013

☆ How to Catch Mermaids [inspiration from bean]

Bean came to me one morning and said 'Mama, I am going to catch a mermaid'

'Oh' I said.

'How do you do that?' I asked.

'Well' she said, 'First you get your fishing line, tie something to it...

And then you through it in the water. Then you catch a mermaid'

'Thats a very cool way to catch a mermaid Bean'

And so this painting was born.

My kids are my greatest source of inspiration.

Some days it is so, so hard to hear them, through the noise, the tantrums, the tears, (like the easter hang over from hell we had this week!), 

And then there are moments of sheer joy + clarity which make these moments seem so insignificant, and it is in these moments that I find the best stories + inspiring ideas.

This painting will remind me on those very hard days to listen harder.

Have you thought about where in your life you should listen harder? I would love to know what you heard. 

Next week I will be starting a spotlight series featuring the artists who join me in the Easter Tag swap, so stay tuned to see some of the amazing tags that were created for this swap.

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Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Love your mermaid! The older I get, the quieter I become. Just seem to learn more that way. You are at such a challenging time in your life. It helps to have good intentions even if we can't always live up to them. Happy PPF

  2. Wonderful words from the mouth of your child and your painting reflects that joy. Happy PPF. xox

  3. Children are brilliant at the obvious love that! You made a lovely interpretation of her description the ring would sparkle and catch any of us.

  4. I love your Mermaid and your little Story about her. Both are so beautiful
    Happy PPF and hugs

  5. What a great illustration you created from Bean's idea. I love that the mermaid is so much bigger than the little girl!!

  6. Just darling! Beyond words! And love your daughter's imagination!

  7. Just adorable! I love the store that went with your painting. It reminds me of the little mermaid and how she would get so excited when she found 'human' items. It was my daughter's favorite movie when she was little.

  8. Oh Kirstin-your mermaid painting and the story behind it are magical!!! I really adore this one!!

  9. she's adorable! and yes... my two little ones are the most inspiring people I know!

  10. A beautiful and unique piece, love the fairy tale feeling! <3

  11. Loving your story and the magical painting to go with it Kristin. Happy PPF, Annette x

  12. So adorable! out of the mouths of babes as they say...and using a diamond for bait is inspired! Gorgeous work...happy PPF!

  13. I love your mermaid and what a fun, clever piece! HPPF!

  14. What a sweet little mermaid! Saludos

  15. Beautiful Kirsten, love the mermaid, great work, thanks for sharing

  16. This is one of my favorite places to visit! Truly amazing work...I have goosebumps reading this, my gauge for excellence!! I can see this hanging in little girls rooms everywhere! Never underestimate your talent lady...I don't say this lightly!!

    This piece of art is so have no idea how much this will mean to your daughter years down the road!! Now is chaos, later your reap the rewards!! I promise!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. this is wonderful. just recieved the newsletter will be putting the freebie calendar on my desktop again. as it was so useful last month. thanks. x

  18. Kirstin!!!! This is wonderful and how exciting for Bean to know that she inspired such a gorgeous piece of art - you two are great collaborators!

  19. Children's minds are not as encumbered by detail and logic as adult's - my 7yo grandson just delights me with what he says - I have to remember to listen harder and write it down. Your painting is just wonderful - I love the idea of catching a mermaid with some bling! HPPF

  20. That first piece is so relaxing. All the paintings are wonderful.


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