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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

☆ Heartfelt Connections [Lifebook week 10]

Week Ten of life book was all about remembering our heart felt connections, people or things, that have influenced us in a positive + heartfelt manner.

For each one I wrote a wee note thanking that person (or thing) for how they have helped me.

For example, one of my heartfelt connections was with the author Betty Edwards + her book 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain'. I thanked her for writing a book that made so much sense to me + gave me the ability to draw realistically. Her book was the first step for me in believing I could do more than just copy other artists work.

I rolled up the notes + stuck them down in a heart shape. 

This was a fun + thought provoking lesson. I was surprised in the end how many heartfelt connections I had made in my life, outside the obvious of my family + friends. 

Have you thought about your heartfelt connections? I mean really delved into it beyond the important family + friends connections. It was so interesting to see where mine lead.

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  1. My brain is ticking now...I am a huge believer in sending thank you today's world - people think I am crazy - just send an email or a text but when THEY get that personal to dig and see beyond the obvious thank you's I need to process for myself...
    and YES please put me in the drawing!!!

  2. I love what you have done with this lesson and the sweet thought of the little thank you notes rolled up so prettily.

    I did this lesson but didn't like how my page turned out - I recycled it! - but it was fun to do.

    Karen x


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