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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

☆ Embrace [Lifebook week 12]

Week twelve saw me celebrating and connecting with Mindy Lacefield from Tim's Sally. I have been such a huge admirer of Mindy's art - it is instantly recognisable - her style is so unique and quirky. So it was a treat to learn how she paints her figures - and quite challenging for me as my style is so different.

But I loved the end result + I loved the process, the layers of paint, the figures slowly emerging.

I can't believe the whole painting started with a few sentences from my morning pages - some thing so disjointed + often quite negative + it turned into something so positive and connected.

I love how sweet they look - so demure + shy.

Do you do morning pages a la Julia Cameron? When I remember to do them I feel more clear + connected to my day. I would love to know how you feel when you've written them!


  1. I really enjoyed that lesson - Your girls are so sweet!!

  2. I try to do the morning pages, but a lot of mornings I am not doing them. I always have a better day when I do write them. Things are more clear to me when I do them and I feel less stressed when things aren't going as planned that day.

  3. I still have to do that lesson, but your girls look wonderful!! Hope mine will be as lovely as yours :-)


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