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Friday, November 11, 2011

☆ AEDM - Check in

AEDM - Day Ten & Eleven....

I am having so much fun! I was slightly worried that I wouldn't have any ideas, that the creative spark would fail me but they have flowed continuously so far. I guess its like any muscle once exercised it continues to grow stronger.

So here is day ten:
Open Your Heart
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
 And day eleven:

'your heart is a licious'
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
'Your heart is a licious' is inspired by my eldest daughter Bean who couldn't say delicious, so she would say, while devouring chocolate or ice cream or broccoli (perhaps trying to convince herself) 'mmmm this is 'a licious mama!

Speaking of 'a licious, how cute are bean and bug dressed in their wedding finery?


Have a great weekend


  1. It all looks good to me. The little ones are edible in their party clothes :))))
    Gwen xx

  2. Great images! I especially like the first one with the lavender eyes and jet-black hair. Beautiful!

  3. Great images and those two little ones are just too precious... I love the purple eyes on the top painting xx

  4. Lovely pieces, Kirstin! The littlies are adorable in their finery ~ :)


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