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Saturday, November 12, 2011

☆ Inspiration Avenue

Before I begin on this weeks IA prompt I would love to thank everyone for their wonderfully supportive and lovely comments of late. I have tried to reply to everyone individually, but I encountered a few 'no-reply-blogger' email addys so I am not sure everyone has recieved a reply. But know that I am very thankful for the encouragement and support xx


This weeks inspiration avenue prompt was paying homage to the seamstress and the crafts woman.

Well I am no seamstress, but I do love the occasional sewing session. Sometimes though, my projects  end up half done - like the owl mobile I made for Bug's birthday that took two months to hang up or the beautiful curtains I made that are still hanging unhemmed. (and thats a good 15" hem fyi- not just a few cm's!)

I have grand plans for a hand made and crafty christmas - there is the princess fiona plushie dolls, the art suitcases, the reciprocal home made gifts for my sister and brother in-law, the cake pops, the rum balls and home made pudding.

But these are all works in progress that haven't yet progressed from scribbled notes or even left my head!

So this is the piece that was inspired by this prompt.

'Princess Illona would rather eat cake.'
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
Bean helped me with the final touches - shoes were a must, a crown obviously, and she told me that she was missing a baby - a green shrek baby. When I asked her what I should write - she said 'The princess wants a green shrek baby.'

Of course I said what about 'I'd rather eat cake?' and she said 'no mama - she'd rather a green shrek baby!'


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  1. Hey Shell here from Inspiration Ave: We have noticed a few problems with blogger too and have been investigating it. We love your participation in our blog. please keep coming back.

  2. Your drawing is gorgeous. As someone who doesn't draw, I was totally impressed with your work. Great take on the IA theme this week.

  3. Wow! it seems that you thrive when challenged :). This is exquisite! But what about the green shrek baby?? Did you draw one for Bean? I hope so! Thank you for participating! Hope to see you next week again

  4. Great interpratation and I am with you I would rather eat cake.... then again can't you eat cake and have a green shrek baby too... love reading about your little princesses xx

  5. A very sweet princess--I love how you created her dress!

  6. Beautiful artwork and I agree with the sentiment! And interesting idea though it is, the "green shrek baby" quote maybe wouldn't have worked quite as well...! ;)

  7. Great fun, and a sentiment that's very close to my own heart! I love that expression on her face....

  8. Well, I'm sure I can that Shrek Baby sub-head just peeking through!! Love it!!

  9. Love your princess and that owl mobile is fantastic. I made a fabric pelmet and like your curtains, it has been hanging unfinished, but mine has been 17 years, should have used a stapler.

  10. Found your work through Inspiration Avenue. I love this piece...your color choices, the flow of the composition...just absolutely lovely.


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