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Saturday, November 19, 2011

☆ The Harlequin [Inspiration Avenue]

Harlequins, Jesters, Clowns... they all seem so sad to me. Laughing on the out side, but crying inside.

I suppose their mask is more obvious than others.

©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh she does look sad... yet still very beautiful. The composition is very neat too. Hopefully she'll get up and dance for us soon!

  2. I love this...the colors, the sentiment. Lovely!

  3. I agree with you ... I think they're sad inside too. Your work is wonderful - I'm glad you're taking the time to make art! nancy

  4. you are just nailing them day after day at the moment... love this one , the mood, the colours, the composition... all great xx

  5. Your little clown is wonderful and so well done. The colors of this painting are awesome.

  6. You truly captured the feeling...outstanding work!
    And I love what you wrote too.

  7. I love the way she is sitting in the archway. I love the bright colors that contrast with her sadness.

  8. The reflective mood in this one is brilliant.


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