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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

☆ Vanity [Illustration Friday]

I would like to thank everyone for their lovely and supportive comments, over the last week. I usually try to thank everyone personally, but I this week has just been too overwhelming. I appreciate each and every one of your lovely comments and the support means a lot.

 ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆
So this weeks IF prompt is Vanity. Before I started sketching this prompt, I watched as Bean and Bug preened in front of the full length mirror in my bed room.

Bean was twirling, and swishing, singing 'I am a beautiful princess, with a pretty tutu, and beautiful hair, and cinderetta shoes'. et cetera.

Bug, at 15 months is not speaking yet, but was swishing, and preening, patting her hair and holding out her tutu, too.

She's a mini princess.

I often ask my mother how I ended up with two diva's, when I was such a tomboy. She says it divine irony.

©2011 Kirstin McCulloch
So this weeks life lesson from Bean & Bug is... Celebrate your inner princess.

And spend a moment or two of vanity, admiring your hair, your tutu and your cinderetta princess shoes, and your total and utter awesomeness.

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  1. Wonderful picture! I'm trying to do a mirror image too - but with both subject and reflection and believe me, it aint easy!

  2. Great illo! I have a princess and a rock star... ;)

  3. I love your story and your illustration is most fitting to the topic!

  4. well said - everything in this illustration goes together so well - the stars with the princess - love the texture and shading =)

  5. This is really cute :) I love the big eyes :D

  6. how nice that you have a mum that says wise things like divine irony... mine would say that Karma is a B *** and I got what I deserved... think I like your wise mother better xx

  7. Your two little ones sound adorable! I love your illustration and those huge pretty eyes are wonderful. Keep up the hard work!<3

  8. love the picture...and isn't it grand to have a princess (or two) as daughter(s) to remind us to look in the mirror occasionally and see the princess inside of US?!


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