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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

☆ Stripes [Illustration Friday]

I am feeling so much better after my weekend of excess and a good twelve hours sleep seemed to help!

So I am not sure where this one came from, only that she was in my head one morning on a walk.

Some drawings just flow, and others just are stubborn and take more time to appear on the page - this one took three hours of sketching, erasing, and re sketching. She just didn't want to appear... and in my heart I don't think she is finished.

So I think I will put her away, for another time when I have had a chance to ponder what it is she needs.

©2011 Kirstin McCulloch

She doesn't look all that impressed the christmas is only seven weeks ago... but then neither am I!

(Also linking to AEDM)


  1. visiting from AEDM and that is a lovely drawing!

  2. She looks finished to me. I understand hers and your feelings about Christmas.
    She has lovely big eyes, though they are full of questions. Great work!
    Gwen xx

  3. Great illo! I think she looks sad because there's no pressie under the tree? Really like your blog - relate to your journey full-heartedly... :)

  4. AEDM visitor - she has a very expressive face; maybe you just need to figure out what she's expressing? While the drawing looks complete to me, I know what it feels like to think there's just a little something missing. I'm sure when you add it, the drawing will be even better!

  5. It great the way it is and I so love those eyes!!!!

  6. She's gorgeous, and I feel the same way about Christmas this year.

  7. That's exactly how I am feeling about Christmas... I really love the christmas tree also... 12 hours sleep!!!! how did you manage that... that is what I want for Christmas... no snoring... no dog wanting to play... no Phantom sleep walking... just 12 hours of glorious sleep.... going to put it on my santa list now xx

  8. She is adorable!!! Love the vibrant colors you use... and her eyes are precious! Your blog is beautiful and distictive! Very jealous of 12 hours of sleep! LOL :-) Kris


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